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April is Soyfoods Month!

The Soyfoods Association of North America is excited to help you increase your sales of soyfoods during National Soyfoods Month this April by making it easier for consumers to locate great-tasting soyfoods in your stores. We are offering FREE promotional kits to help you host a successful campaign throughout your store. See ordering information below or download just the pieces you want from the menu bar.

The Mighty Soybean

This year’s Mighty Soybean messaging shows how soyfoods are a nutrition-packed and affordable choice with endless possibilities for fitting into everyday meals and budgets. They provide smart, simple options for meals and snacks with countless choices to meet every taste bud in your family.  There are hundreds of soy products to try, in every aisle of the supermarket.


Order your National Soyfoods Month Kit today

To place your order for 2016 kits, please complete the Online Order Form.

Each kit contains:

  • 20 Consumer Recipe Books with great recipe ideas for families
  • Customer FAQ Tip Sheet

*additional materials are available upon request.


In-Store Food Tasting Events

As you know, tastings are the best way to get shoppers excited about any product. To help celebrate Soyfoods Month, select sponsoring companies are offering free soyfoods samples or product credits to help you serve up a variety of soyfoods. If you can organize and staff a tasting, we can help you get in touch with our sponsor companies to supply samples. Please contact the Soyfoods Association for more information:

Call 202.659.3520, or send email to