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Soy Solutions for the Flexitarian

This April, as the Soyfoods Association of North America celebrates National Soyfoods Month, SANA will be inviting flexitarians everywhere to use “Soy Solutions for their Flexitarian Menus.” Soy is more than just another plant-based food, it is the original plant-based protein, as well as a heart-healthy complete protein, equal to animal protein in its nutritional value.

As awareness for the sustainability of our planet continues to grow, more and more American’s are choosing to leave meat off of their plates.  Annual meat consumption rates are falling and the plant-based protein market continues to disrupt what we traditionally see on our grocery store shelves. But while over 7 million Americans claim to be vegetarian, an additional 22 million say they prefer something more flexible when it comes to giving up meat completely. So if your customers are concerned about the environment, but still want to eat a burger occasionally, meat free eating has expanded into something much more flexible giving everyone an opportunity to choose health-filled, sustainable meals without giving up meat completely.

In honor of the consumer who wants to flexibly add more plant protein to their diet, the Soyfoods Association of North America has put together a Retail Dietitian Toolkit full of recipes and ideas for swapping meat and animal protein out of your everyday dishes and replacing it with heart-healthy soy-based protein.