Soyfoods in the Supermarket

Gain Health. Eat Soy. Lost Weight.

Supermarket aisles are filled with your favorite soyfoods, but it can be a hunt to try to find them.  This map of where soyfoods are located in the supermarket will help you navigate the aisles.

Also, learn about shopping for protein from the Supermarket Savvy Newsletter: Shopping Down Protein (pdf).

Tip: Soyfoods are great alternatives to foods higher in cholesterol and calories.  For this reason, many soyfoods are located right next to foods they resemble.

Popular supermarket aisles have these soyfoods:

Produce Section 

  • tofu
  • soy nuts (near the croutons)
  • soy veggie dogs
  • soy burgers
  • soy patties
  • soy crumbles
  • soy cheese
  • soy deli meat
Freezer Section 

  • soy macaroni & cheese
  • sweet soybeans
  • edamame
  • soy burgers
  • soy patties
  • soy nuggets
  • soy tenders
  • soy veggie dogs
  • soy crumbles (ground meat alternative)
  • miso
  • tempeh
Refrigerated Milk Section 

  • various flavors of refrigerated soymilk
Refrigerated Dairy Section 

  • soy cheese
  • soy yogurt
  • soy dairy free cream cheese
  • soy “buttery” spread
Baking Section 

  • various flavors of shelf-stable soymilk soy flour
  • soy protein
  • soy oil (vegetable oil)
  • soy brownie and biscuit mixes
Snack and Cracker Aisle 

  • roasted soy nuts
  • soy chips
  • soy crisps
  • soy bars
  • soy trail mix
Ice Cream Section 

  • soy dairy free frozen desserts
  • soy frozen yogurt
Jellies and Spreads Section 

  • soy nut butter

Coffee Section

  • soy coffee
  • soy creamer

Tip: Compare the calories and cholesterol on the food labels of your typical food choices to nutritious soy foods and see how soy foods can help you gain health.

Other supermarket aisle that have these soyfoods:

Breakfast and Cereal Section 

  • soy bars
  • soy cereals and flakes
  • soy pancake mixes
  • soy shakes
Breakfast Freezer Section 

  • soy sausage links
  • soy flax waffles
  • soy breakfast burritos
Canned Food Section 

  • canned soy beans

Pasta Section

  • soy pasta
Healthy and Organic Foods Section 

  • soy flour
  • shelf-stable soymilk
  • soy protein bars
  • soy meal replacement
  • soy crisps
  • soy chips
  • soy protein powder
  • soy bars
  • soy cereals and flakes
  • soy pancake mixes
  • soy shakes
International/Asian Food Section 

  • soy sauces
  • shelf-stable soymilk
  • miso
  • tempeh
  • seitan
Kosher Section 

  • soy sauce
  • soy bologna
  • soy ground meat alternative