Request Samples

Where can I get soyfood samples?

Many soyfood companies are willing to provide samples for health fairs, presentations and conferences. Please email your request to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Event and sponsoring organization
  • Date samples are needed
  • Number of samples needed
  • Audience
  • Contact information for providing samples
  • Shipping address

SANA will forward this information on to our members. Interested companies will contact you directly.

Where can I get soy handouts or brochures?

The Soyfoods Association has developed and posted on the website ten Soy Fact Sheets to describe the various types of soyfoods, their nutrient content, and suggestions for storage, purchasing, and preparing them. Individual companies have product information.

The Soy Benefits Brochure presents important detailed information about the health benefits of soyfoods. These colorful and easy-to-use packets are the perfect way to educate consumers about health friendly soy products. Attachments on Soy and Heart Health, Soy and Child Health and Soy and Weight Management are available on subpages.