SK Food Soybeans



SK Food supplies certified organic and non-GMO whole yellow and black soybeans and dehulled/split soybeans.




SK Food International is able to supply Identity Preserved  certified organic  and conventional non-GMO yellow and black soybeans for use in food applications of miso, natto, nimame, roasting, soy sauce, soy flour, soymilk, sprouting, tempeh, textured soy protein, and tofu, as well as other soy food  applications. Soybeans are available as whole, dehulled/split and precooked powder/flake form or raw flour. Our products are also verified under the Non-GMO Project.

Specifically, our split/dehulled soybeans are used in applications including soymilk, tempeh, tofu, and cracked natto. We use a unique mechanical process to split and dehull soybeans, which is unlike others in the industry that use a heat process.  Using a heat process may negatively affect the soybean as a finished soy food product.  In addition, as a result of the mechanical process, our spit/dehulled soybeans have a low PDI (protein dispersability index. A low PDI often allows for longer shelf life. We are able to split the soybeans into halves, quarters or various sized pieces, depending on the product application and customer’s needs.