Little Boy Drinking Soymilk

Soy in School Lunches

Looking for ways to maximize the nutrition content of each meal served at your school? Soyfoods count in USDA Reimbursable Meal Patterns, can help meet nutritional standards, and create meals that kids enjoy! Soyfoods encourage kids to develop healthy eating habits, while saving time and money for school food service operations. Meeting meal nutrient requirements is easier with soyfoods because they are packed with protein, are low in fat, and have no cholesterol.

Webinar: Soy Solutions for Schools

SNA webinar slide: Soy meal ideas for lunchThis webinar from School Nutrition Association will explain how soy can be used as a solution to provide nutritious options for school meals to meet Healthier US guidelines and serve more diverse populations where vegetarian choices are desirable. In this webinar, you will learn about a recent plate waste study that confirms soy’s acceptability by students and hear from school food service directors that have incorporated soy products into their programs.