Soy Helps Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

The Mediterranean Diet continues to receive accolades in the media, especially for its heart-health attributes, but is it warranted? According to a study published in January’s Nutrition Reviews it is, linking the Mediterranean dietary patterns – with a focus on vegetables, fruit, fish, and soy – with a decreased risk of breast cancer. And, the researchers found that increasing the amount of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables in your diet can help prevent many other chronic diseases, as well.

Breast cancer and dietary patterns: a systematic review” was conducted at Sergio Arouca National School of Public Health in Brazil and analyzed 26 large population studies on breast cancer risk and the role of eating habits. The data do not indicate that the traditional Western diet alone increased risk for breast cancer, but may have a negative impact when coupled with other risk factors. The American Cancer Society recognizes the protective role soyfoods have against breast cancer, especially when consumed at a young age.