USDA MyPlate Partner Soyfoods Association of North America Announces “What’s on MyPlate?” Day

Washington, March 8, 2012 –The Soyfoods Association of North America is teaming up with the nearly 6,000 USDA partners to make March 8, 2012, “What’s on MyPlate?” Day. The event aims to heighten public awareness of the importance of choosing healthy foods like soyfoods in the daily diets of Americans.

As Americans aim to make every meal a healthy meal soyfoods can play a part in any healthy, well-balanced diet.  They nourish the body with high quality protein that is low in saturated fat, full of nutrients, and have low-to-no cholesterol.  Soyfoods are versatile and can be incorporated into your plate as a protein, vegetable and dairy.

Last fall SANA released a new education tool, Soyfoods on Any Plate, to aid individuals in diversifying their plates with healthy, tasty and easy meal ideas inspired by USDA’s MyPlate. Soyfoods on Any Plate, is a set of double-sided durable placemats that feature quick, easy and delicious soy-based recipes that will help families meet the USDA MyPlate guidelines.  These placemats are available to download here and available to order by contacting the SANA office.

The goal of “What’s on MyPlate?” Day is to create nationwide attention by using the outreach strength of social networks such as blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to promote MyPlate and its related messages and resources like the new SuperTracker and the website. As part of this effort, SANA urges consumers to put MyPlate into action by taking a photo of their healthful plates that include soyfoods and to share on Twitter with the hash-tags #Soy and #MyPlateYourPlate. SANA and the USDA believe people can be inspired by seeing where and when consumers think about healthy eating.  Snap a photograph of a MyPlate-style breakfast, lunch or dinner to share with the USDA Flickr Photo Group.

SANA encourages individuals and families to take the steps to a healthier diet one at a time.  For everyday tips on including soyfoods in your diet follow SANA on twitter @socialSANA, download The Switch To Plant Protein Made Easy With Soy, and visit


The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) is a non-profit trade association that has been promoting consumption of soyfoods in the diet since 1978. SANA is committed to encouraging sustainability, integrity and growth in the soyfoods industry by promoting the benefits and consumption of soy-based foods and ingredients in diets. More information is available at