Soyfoods Made the Mark Over Twenty Years


WASHINGTON? February 28, 2017

The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) announces that the current Executive Director Nancy Chapman, RD, MPH, from N. Chapman Associates, will relinquish her leadership position where she has served for the past 20 years. During Nancy?s tenure, SANA became the reliable source of evidence-based information on soy and health for the media, government agencies, legislators, and health professionals. From the finish line of the Boston Marathon to the lunch line of school cafeterias, SANA positioned soymilk, tofu, and related soyfoods as healthy options. Over the years, lawmakers in Congress have received lunch boxes with soy treats and the USDA leadership and staff tasted the array of soyfoods available to schools, child care centers, and to WIC recipients in the USDA atrium. Over this time, SANA secured recognition of soy-based foods and beverages as part of the American diet in both the Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate and gained reimbursement for soymilk, tofu, cultured soy, and related products through federal nutrition programs. From defending the use of the term ?soymilk,? asserting the legitimacy of the soy protein and heart health claim, and securing the higher nitrogen conversion factor for soy protein in the Codex Alimentarius, SANA trumpeted the special assets of soyfoods in policy debates. The result: soyfood sales have grown over 200% from $1.484 billion in 1997 to over $4.52 billion in 2013 (last measured), soy consumption is up 14% since 2011 and 81% of consumers seek soyfoods for health. Thousands of supermarkets and corner stores nationwide will be promoting National Soyfoods Month in April.

After a year-long search, SANA?s Board is pleased to announce that John Cox, Managing Director of Verto Solutions, will transition to SANA?s next Executive Director. Verto currently manages six food industry trade associations with full?service association management and scientific program management for a seventh organization in Washington, DC.

Ms. Chapman has chosen to relinquish the role of Executive Director of the Association to continue her government affairs work through her Washington, DC-based consulting firm and is pursuing more activities with her non-profit, Advocates for Better Children?s Diets. She noted that ?the Association is strong and will continue to encourage soy processors and soyfood manufacturers to produce products that fit in to the everyday lifestyles of American?s who are seeking healthy, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based options.?

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