Soy and Satiety

Eating provides satiety—an overall satisfying feeling of fullness.  However, there are certain foods that can make you feel more full than others.  Research has shown that soy helps to satisfy your satiety, and that can help curb your appetite.

In September 1995, research from the University of Sydney developed “The Satiety Index of Common Foods,” which identifies foods that provide fullness.  One of the findings of the study was that certain nutrients, such as protein and dietary fiber, appear to improve satiety.

Because soyfoods are an excellent source of complete protein they often carry a high satiety factor—meaning they deliver a satisfying feeling of fullness. Soyfoods can help tame your hunger, making it easier to avoid over-eating.

It is important to note that soyfoods are not appetite suppressants.  Soyfoods in no way take away your hunger.  Instead, soyfoods are simply a satisfying source of protein with numerous health benefits.  If you are trying to lose weight, a good weight loss plan should limit calories (usually between 1,200-1,800 calories), include a variety of foods, and increase your physical activity.  Because of the satiety factor of soy, soyfoods can help ensure you stick to your allowed daily calorie intake.