Soymilk Compared to Dairy & Milk Alternatives

Soy protein is the only plant protein the FDA recognizes to reduce heart disease risk. Soymilk contains on average 7 grams of high-quality, complete protein per serving. Almond, coconut and rice milk all average 1 gram.

Soymilk is cholesterol free, while a cup of 2% dairy milk contains 20 mg of cholesterol, which can build up and clog arteries.

Soymilk has half a gram of saturated fat, while 2% dairy milk has 3 grams and coconut milk averages a whopping 5 grams of saturated fat per cup, a fat linked to increased risk of heart disease.

As many as 50 million American adults struggle with lactose intolerance. Soymilk serves as the only alternative recognized as a substitute for cow?s milk on USDA?s MyPlate.



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