Lean, Green, Protein Machine

  • After exercise, the intake of complete protein is key to muscle building and repair. Soy-based foods and beverages provide the high-quality protein necessary for protein synthesis in a more sustained release of amino acids than whey.1
  • Soy, whey and casein have different rates of amino acid absorption, making the prolonged release of soy-dairy blend ideal for long-term increase in lean muscle mass.1
  • Exercise creates an imbalance between oxidant and antioxidant levels, or oxidative stress, which can cause muscle soreness and damage. Antioxidant-rich soybeans have been shown to help protect muscle tissue from oxidative damage, aiding in athletic performance and muscle recovery.2,3
  • For athletes, other than protein, iron is one of the most essential nutrients, aiding in the delivery of oxygen to muscles. One serving of soybeans contains nearly half of the daily recommendation for iron and 29g of protein.
  • Soy does not contain estrogen. Overwhelming research shows normal consumption of soy (1-3 servings per day) does not cause unwanted effects on hormone levels or physical characteristics.4



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