Soyfoods Canada Kicks Off Soy for Life Campaign

Canada Newswire — TORONTO — October 5, 2009 — Research shows that the majority (85 per cent) of Canadian families are becoming more health-conscious when it comes to their eating habits, but many aren’t willing to sacrifice taste, convenience and ease in meal preparation.(1) According to a recent Angus Reid survey commissioned by Soyfoods Canada, 59 per cent of Canadians said the main reason they eat soy is because it is part of a healthy diet, while 26 per cent responded that they just don’t know how to cook with soy products.(2) To help, Soyfoods Canada has launched its Soy for Life campaign which will re-introduce Canadians to the benefits of soy and cooking with soy products. Soy is not only a healthy food choice; but it also tastes great and can be easily incorporated into everyday recipes….Click Here for the Full Article