Tips to Enjoy Soy

Supermarket shopping for healthy soyfoods

Soyfoods can play a part in any healthy, well-balanced diet, as they nourish the body with high-quality protein that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free. Discover easy ways for family’s to add soy into their everyday meals.

25 Ways to Enjoy Soyfoods

Quick Tips

1. Pour soymilk over your morning cereal.
2. Fortify a glass of orange juice with soy protein powder.
3. Make soy yogurt and fresh fruit parfaits.
4. Enjoy a refreshing treat with Soy non-dairy frozen ice cream.
5. Snack on soy nuts.
6. Sprinkle edamame over a salad.
7. Spread soy cheese over the top of your homemade pizza.
8. Top soy pasta with prepared marinara for an easy dinner.

Soy Sweets

9. Enjoy a soymilk or soy yogurt smoothie.
10. Use soymilk in cakes and muffin recipes. For example, Soymilk Chocolate Chip Cookies or
11. Soy Pancakes.
12. Re-create an old fashioned favorite, Lemon Meringue Pie.

Easy Entertaining

13. Treat your guests to guilt-free Nachos with smoked soy cheese.
14. Fire up the grill for soy burgers and dogs.
15. Serve Spinach Cheese Rolls as an appetizer.
16. Make a party mix with Soy Crisps and pretzels.
17. Liven up a Three Bean Salad with chickpeas, soybeans and green beans.
18. Blend pureed tofu into Guacamole; friends and family will never know this rich and creamy dip contains healthful soy protein.


19. Make a healthy sandwich with soy deli slices and top with Garlic Aioli.
20. Go east with Thai Tofu Kebabs.
21. Try a Creamy Ranch Dressing with soymilk.
22. Layer delicious low-fat Lasagna with soy crumbles.
23. Craving fried? Craving cheese? Fried Tofu Sticks are the “leaner look-alike.”
24. Indulge in Grilled Quesadillas.
25. Warm up with Potato and Corn Chowder.