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Tofu Walnut Lettuce Cups

Tofu Preparation Guide

Here’s a basic guide with recipes for baking, grilling, and pan-frying tofu techniques and making creamy dips, smoothies, or even using tofu in desserts.

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Sharon’s Plant-Powered Giveaway
+ Soy Myth Busters!

We have a special guest post from Plant-Powered Dietitian Sharon Palmer, RD, who offers some new science to those lingering myths.

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Easy Ideas for Cooking with Soy

It’s quite easy to incorporate tasty soy-based foods and beverages into your family’s meals and snacks.

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5 Healthy Tofu Recipes from Celebrity Chefs

Whether you’re eating tofu as a vegan/vegetarian substitute, for health benefits, or because you enjoy its versatility in cooking, here are some healthy tofu recipes from top celebrity chefs you can try at home.

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Easy, Delicious Meals that Make Hearts Happy

Besides giving meals a satisfying boost, soy-based foods are a heart-healthy addition to your diet.

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Love Your Heart and Make the #SoySwap

The wide array of soy-based foods provides many options to love your heart. Many soyfoods are low in saturated fat and cholesterol free, and are high in complete protein, dietary fiber, and other beneficial nutrients.

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Homemade Healthy: Whole Foods Shows Us How to Slow Roast Tofu

Slow-roasting tofu gives it a firm but tender texture. It’s perfect for salads & sandwiches!

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