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NPR Interview Investigates Science of Puberty

"We found preliminary data that suggests that soy is actually protective and that higher soy intake may lead to later puberty." - Louise Greenspan, co-author of The New Puberty

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A Roast of a Vegan Sort

If you’re looking to take the turkey-less route on Turkey Day, or looking to avoid meat all together this holiday season, there’s no need to feel left out. Fortunately no one has to go hungry, struggling to find meat alternatives is no longer an issue.

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Soy: Good for You, and Your Skin, Too

Reported cosmetic and beauty benefits of using soy topically include reducing blotchiness, smoothing skin texture and tone after sun damage, and slowing hair growth, which can reduce the need to wax or shave.

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Simple Swaps for Healthier Holidays

By choosing better-for-you snacks and swapping ingredients in some of your favorite recipes, you can keep the pounds from creeping up as you celebrate this season.

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Fermentation: The Facts and the Fun

Fermented foods have recently been gaining attention and are finding their way into the spotlight. This process of transforming foods using bacteria and other microorganisms predates recorded history and it is still widely used.

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Consumer Turn to Protein as New ‘Superfood’

Soy consumption is the highest it’s ever been and is rising at 5% per year, according to the 2014 Consumer Attitudes About Nutrition, Health and Soyfoods Study.

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Family Farmers Are the Future for Feeding a Hungry World

For World Food Day and throughout the year, the soy industry is working to bring quality protein to feed the hungry, to improve diets and health, and to empower and support family farmers.

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