Hot Mexican Dip

Perfect for your upcoming Super Bowl parties, this vegetarian Hot Mexican Dip is sure to please everyone in the room!

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Soy for Cooking

A healthy lifestyle is all about balance between nutritious meals and physical activity. Low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free soyfoods help you strike that balance. The key is to blend soyfoods into your life!

You can enjoy your favorite recipes, meals, and snacks with the added health benefits of soyfoods. Here are some simple tips to mix soyfoods into your healthy lifestyle.

“Meaty” Soy

A wide array of price-friendly soy meat alternative products can substitute for meat products in your favorite recipes. Give your hardy meals a healthy soy make-over with products like texturized soy protein, soy crumbles, soy burgers, soy chick’n tenders, and even soy sausage links.

For a breakfast casserole, use soy sausage links to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the meal. Make a low-fat chili with texturized soy protein. Try making a “hybrid” meatloaf by using half lean ground meat and half soy crumbles.

Soy Bakery

Boost the nutrition in your baked goods by blending soy foods into your favorite recipes. Soy flour, soymilk and soy oil are all easy baking ingredients.

Soy flour adds heart-healthy soy protein to tasty treats — simply replace up to 1/3 of a recipe’s required flour amount with soy flour. Eggs can also be replaced by cholesterol-free soy flour. One tablespoon soy flour plus one tablespoon water is equivalent to one egg.

Soymilk can replace dairy milk in cookies, muffins, brownies, cakes, and cheesecake. Soy oil, found in supermarkets as vegetable oil, is a trans fat-free option for baking.

Soy Snacks

Besides blending soy into your family meals and desserts, infuse soy foods into your snacks. Switch up your family’s snack routine with soy nuts, soy yogurt, soy bars, and soy chips. Soy nut butter can replace peanut butter in sandwiches, chocolate soy nut butter cookies, or celery sticks with soy nut butter for a crunchy treat.

Throughout Your Life…

Studies have shown that eating soyfoods as a part of a healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. The good nutrition and good taste of soyfoods help growing children maintain a healthy weight and start a healthy routine. For adults, soyfoods help reduce heart disease, osteoporosis, and increase vitality in hair, skin, and nails. Soy protein helps reduce weight without losing muscle. Start taking advantage of these and other health benefits of soyfoods by blending soy into your diet today.