Tofu Offers Endless Dining Experiences in the Home

by Georgia Rounder

As tofu becomes increasingly common in both grocery stores and restaurants around the country, more Americans are becoming acquainted with this soy product. Tofu is a quality source of protein that offers all of the essential amino acids needed for proper growth and development, and is a valuable source of calcium for bone health promotion and energy-promoting B vitamins.

While the general public is often aware of the plentiful health benefits of tofu, as well as some of the delicious ways the product is served in restaurant settings, preparing tofu at home is a common dilemma for many people.

On Pinterest we offer a board of ?Tofu: 101 Ways? that actually has more than 101 different ideas to cook the versatile protein ? from savory to sweet, breakfast to dessert.

Here we offer several options for preparing tofu that provide many different variations and flavor profiles:

  • Marinating ? After pressing the tofu to remove any excess water, allowing the product to soak in a sauce of choice for 30 minutes to an hour is an important step to infuse flavor into the relatively bland base.
  • Baking ? After marinating the tofu, baking for 20-25 minutes forms a satisfying exterior crust around the tofu, making it ideal for salads or simply served alongside some rice and steamed vegetables
  • Roasting ? This method further deepens and intensifies the taste of the tofu, as well as creating a pleasant, soft texture
  • Frying ? Preparing tofu in a canola oil under high heat conditions allows for a slightly tougher, more chewy mouth feel to develop which is a great addition to tacos
  • Grilling ? The naturally firm texture of tofu is ideal for grilling, as the coals impart a smoky flavor onto the soy protein.
  • Breading ? Rather than marinating initially, coating the tofu in regular or panko breadcrumbs, and then browning the cubes on each side in a sauce-pan, is ideal for more Italian-inspired recipes such as tofu parmesan
  • Stir-frying ? by far? the most popular technique of those mentioned, after being marinated and cubed, the tofu is combined with fresh vegetables and rice in many Asian-inspired recipes


Here’s just a sampling of the more than 100 tofu recipes on our Pinterest boards.

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My name is Georgia. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Dietetics from Indiana University in Bloomington as I work toward becoming a Registered Dietitian.

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