Soyfoods Are Easy to Find

By Meghan Malka

Supermarket shopping for healthy soyfoodsDo you like grocery shopping? ?Sometimes it can be overwhelming if you are crunched for time, trying to find the best food on a budget while purchasing food that your family will enjoy. ?Do you often hear about new foods that you want to try but you can’t find them in the grocery store and after a couple attempts you just want to give up your search?

Soyfoods are excellent sources of high-quality protein and are sustainable for the environment. Supermarkets are filled with your favorite soyfoods but they may be hard to find. I’ll let you in on some tips to make your search for soyfoods quick and easy.


Myth: Soyfoods are only available in high end/all natural grocery stores.
Truth: You can find soyfoods in almost any grocery store. You may find a wider variety of soyfoods at certain grocery stores, but all stores will have the essentials.

  • Near the produce section: Tofu* and soy-based meat alternatives
  • In the frozen food aisle: ?Edamame both in and out of the pods and soy ice cream
  • Refrigerated dairy section: ?Soymilk, soy cheese, soy yogurt
    • Shelf-stable soymilk (non-refrigerated) can also be found in one of the middle aisles of the store**
  • Snack aisle: ?Soybars and soycrisps

*A couple tips on buying tofu: Tofu comes in different textures (extra firm, firm, soft, silken). Use this guide to buy the texture that best suits your recipe. ?And, stay tuned for more tips on cooking tofu.

If you are:

  • Stir-frying: ?use extra firm tofu
  • Baking or barbequing: ?use firm tofu
  • Making a creamy dip or soup: ?use soft tofu
  • Making a pudding, mousse or pie: ?use silken tofu

**Both refrigerated and shelf-stable soymilk are safe to drink and are a high-quality source of protein and vitamins. Make sure to shake soymilk well before pouring to ensure all of the nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the soymilk.

For a more detailed list of where you can soyfoods in the grocery store, check out our Soyfood in the Supermarket section, or this wonderfully useful infographic from one of our members, Solae:

Infographic from Solea Soy in the Store


Tofu and Black Bean Tacos
from Whole Foods Market

Tofu and Black Bean Tacos recipe from Whole Foods

Tofu and Broccoli Stir-fry
from EatingWell

Tofu and Broccoli Stir-fry recipe from EatingWell









We’re excited that April is National Soyfoods Month, so we’ll have another post shortly with more soy-licious tips, myth busting and recipes.

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