Flexitarian Soyfood Swaps

As awareness for the sustainability of our planet continues to grow, more and more Americans are choosing to leave meat off their plates. Annual meat consumption rates are falling and the plant-based protein market continues to disrupt what we traditionally see on our grocery store shelves.

Over 7 million Americans claim to be vegetarian, and an additional 22 million say they prefer a flexitarian diet when it comes to giving up meat completely. Replacing animal-based foods with plant-based proteins is a smart way to eat flexibly. So if you still want to eat a steak occasionally, meat free eating has expanded into something much more flexible giving everyone an opportunity to choose health-filled, sustainable meals without giving up animal protein completely.

Soyfoods can easily be swapped into almost any meal to add nutrients and soy-based protein for a heart-healthy meat alternative to your favorite recipe. Tofu is just one example of a soyfood that is versatile enough to be substituted into your favorite meat dish. You can even use tofu to replace the ricotta in your lasagna or the cream in your pumpkin soup!

Whether you’re preparing a family dinner, entertaining guests, or cooking for one, adding soyfoods to your classic dishes is an easy way to incorporate a more heart-healthy, nutirent rich, low fat menu into your everyday diet.

For delicious, easy ideas for swapping heart-healthy soyfoods into your weekly menus click here.


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